Fire Protection is accomplished by volunteer forces in various districts that cover the Town of Tonawanda. These districts are recognized political subdivisions by New York State and are empowered to tax the people for the service. The Town of Tonawanda collects and disburses their taxes and also receives fire protection services under a series of agreements with each district. The cost of this service is displayed as a line item on your tax bill.

Coordinating Districts and Representation
The districts are coordinated and represented by a Board of Commissioners whose representatives are elected by district constituents. Within the Town of Tonawanda, we have both Fire districts and Fire Protection districts. Fire Protection districts here in town, do not have a fire company within their boundary. Thus, the Town of Tonawanda contracts with the established Fire districts for the protection of those areas. 

Fire Districts
Fire districts have one or more fire halls with various levels of fire protection equipment and specialties. Mutual aid agreements exist between districts and neighboring communities to ensure adequate protection and coordinated effort. The Industrial Fire Protection district contracts with all other districts in town. 

Fire Companies
The overall coordination of these districts is shared mutually with all districts and the responsibilities are rotated on a monthly basis between them. Each district's assets include all of the physical property to include trucks, equipment and the fire hall. Each district has a fire company which provides the volunteer force necessary to staff the hall and man the equipment.

District Name

District Number


Number of Stations

Ellwood Fire District 1 n/a 1
Kenilworth Fire District 2 n/a 1
River Road Fire District 3 n/a 1
Sheridan Park Fire District 4 Extrication 2
Brighton Fire District 5 Extrication 3
Industrial Fire Protection District 1 n/a n/a
Ellicott Creek (Amherst) Fire Protection District 13 n/a n/a
Deerhurst Park (Kenmore) Fire Protection District 3 n/a n/a
North Delaware (Kenmore) Fire Protection District 4 n/a n/a