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Weapon Qualifications
The Town of Tonawanda Police Department requires each of its officers to qualify on their assigned weapons numerous times throughout the year. These qualifications are conducted each month, excluding June, July and August, with their handgun. 

Each officer has an issued 40 Cal. Glock pistol and needs to achieve a minimum qualifying score of 70% on each course using that weapon. A vast majority of our officers achieve the "Expert" classification by shooting an average score above 90%. That classification is much like a school honor roll. For the remaining three months, each officer will qualify on the departmental Remington 870 shotguns as well as patrol rifles. 

We are able to train our officers with state-of-the-art equipment such as a video projection shooting screen system and computer-generated "shoot, don't shoot" situations. The range facility at police headquarters offers a five position, 75-foot indoor range, in addition to a classroom and several training displays.