Forensic Detective Joseph Kazmark
716 879-6638

Computer Forensics / Sex Offender Registry Inquiries
Detective Eric Schmidt
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The Town of Tonawanda Forensic Unit is responsible for processing and documenting crime scenes to identify and collect various types of evidence. Forensic Detectives are also responsible for processing physical evidence brought back to the Forensic Lab for testing.

Town of Tonawanda Forensic Detectives are trained in several areas of criminal forensics:

  • Latent/Patent/Plastic fingerprint processing, analysis, comparison and verification
  • Chemical processing techniques for the enhancement of fingerprint evidence
  • Tool mark impression evidence and comparison
  • Outsole impression evidence and comparison
  • Tire track impression evidence and comparison
  • Alternate light source detection of forensic evidence
  • DNA evidence collection
  • Hair, fiber and trace evidence collection

The Town of Tonawanda Forensic Bureau also contains the Computer Forensic Unit. The Computer Forensic unit is trained in identification and preservation of electronic evidence of all types. This unit also monitors and processes individuals mandated to participate on the NYS Sex Offender Registry.

The Town of Tonawanda Police Forensic Bureau supports and furthers the investigations of the Police Department to increase the likelihood of identifying, apprehending and prosecuting criminals.