1 Pool Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14223 * Phone: 716-876-7424 * Fax: 716-876-3943

Operational Hours

6:30am- 12:30pm
Kiddie pool not available
3:00pm -8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday
9:30am - 5:00pm
 All Single, Family, Senior and Veteran Swim Passes are permitted to use the facility during all operational hours. 

Our facility is adhering to CDC Covid-19 guidelines. All patrons must wear a mask for their entire duration of a visit, unless vaccinated. At this time, the whirlpool, sauna and steam room will not be available to  facility patrons.
We are working diligently to keep the facility safe and sanitized for all of our patrons each and every day.

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Annual Facility Pass (paid in full)

Credit cards purchases will have an additional 3% charged.  ALL memberships will have an annual $36 maintenance charge.  Proof of residency is needed for all resident rates!  


Resident - $204   Non-Resident - $300


Resident - $240   Non-Resident - $360


Resident - $120   Non-Resident - $180


Resident - $120   Non-Resident - $180


Annual Facility Pass Monthly Payment Option

All memberships will have an annual $36 maintenance charge that has been added into the first payment. Monthly deductions must be charged from a banking account.  To register, bring a voided check. This is an annual membership that is charged monthly. 

Membership Type

RESIDENT (proof of residency needed)

1st Payment / Monthly Rate


1st Payment / Monthly Rate


$53.00      /      $17.00

$61.00      /      $25.00


$56.00      /      $20.00

$66.00      /      $30.00


$46.00      /      $10.00

$51.00      /      $15.00


$46.00      /      $10.00

$51.00      /      $15.00


2021 Walk In Rates

Daily Facility Walk In Fees

With the purchase of a daily pass, re-entry into the building is permitted with proof of receipt from that date.

Single Daily Fees

Daily Single Residents w/ Access Cards—$10

Daily Single Non-Residents & Walk-Ins—$12

Daily Guest of Member—$10


Family Daily Fees

Daily Resident Family w/ Access Cards—$15

Daily Non-Resident Family & Walk-Ins—$25

General Information

Make plans now to visit and join your state-of-the-art community recreation and family aquatic center. The Town of Tonawanda Aquatic Center brings new opportunities for you and your family. Learn to swim, spend time with the family and improve your muscle tone and much more. It offers something for everyone through its various programs and its 50-meter main pool, kiddie pool, sauna and steam room.

** At this time, the whirlpool, sauna and steam room will not be available to our patrons.  We will have limited locker room capacity due to Covid-19 circumstances.**

Take a **Video Tour**

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Swim Lesson Guide Information

The Aquatic and Fitness Center follows the swim lesson guidelines put in place by the American Red Cross. Taught by Red Cross Certified Lifeguards, lessons are offered throughout the whole calendar year. 

Private Swim Lessons
At this time, private lessons will not be offered.  

Group Fitness Classes Information

Due to Covid19, many policies and measures have been put in place to ensure the health and safety of our patrons.
***All classes will be very limited in participant capacity***
We have planned for a monthly schedule to help out those that can't get into a class to have a chance for the next month!  Punch cards or full session registration are the only options for fitness class participantion.  daily walk-ins will not be permitted without the purchse of a punch card. 
Online registration will now be available to all participants!! Click HERE to see how!


Did you know that we offer Personal Trianing?

Our trainers have vast experience, fitness education and a wide variety of certifications.  Come in and meet one on one with a personal trainer to develop a customized program designed to meet all of your fitness goals.  Pricing Information

Click here for a "Personal Training Interest Packet"  


American Red Cross Classes
The Aquatic & Fitness Center offers dozens of American Red Cross Health and Safety Services classes throughout the year. These class are categorized as "Full" which is for people who need certification the first time or who have allowed a previous certification to lapse more than one month,"Review" courses which will review the course material using videos, textbooks, and question and answer sessions and "Challenge" courses which do not review the course materials but still requires passing all test components. Look at the various classes offered below.  Call the facility at 716-876-7424 for questions about registration.      

Fall 2021 CPR Courses

Fall 2021 Lifeguarding Courses


This course teaches one- and two-rescuer CPR, use of an AED, responding to first aid emergencies, the use of resuscitation masks and bag-valve masks for ventilating victims, and how to respond in special rescue situations.  Also, prepare you to respond to basic emergencies and recognize and care for injuries while using the EMS system.  The certification qualifies as a NYS Teachers' and Coaches' requirement. 

Lifeguarding is taught by our certified American Red Cross Instructors who work i the field year round.  Each course we offer includes CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and Health Care Provider and responding to first aid emergencies, Administering Emergency Oxygen. (Only Full and Review courses are available).  Blended full courses are taught at our facility, requiring participants to complete approximately 7 hours of online content in addition to the in class hours for each class. 

 15 years old by the last day of class; swim 300 yards using front crawl and breaststroke; swim one length, retrieve a 10 pound brick in 7 to 10 feet of water and carry it back to starting point using only your legs, and exit the pool in one minute, forty seconds; and tread water without hands for two minutes.

The Lifeguard Training Instructor course teaches one to plan and teach the Lifeguard Training and other associated courses.

This course is not being offered at this time. 

In order to register for any of the American Red Cross classes, you can stop in at the Aquatic & Fitness Center or  go to our Online Registration and Tee Time page. 

** If you do not have an online account, stop by the Aquatic & Fitness Center to register and/or create an account**

To register Online:

1. Go to https://parksreg.tonawanda.ny.us

2. Sign in to your account

3. Search for desired course

4. Register for desired course

When you do register, please be sure to review all information contained within this section.  Some other items to keep in mind are as follows:

  1. Register early.  Do not delay in registering as doing so may result in that class being full.
  2. You must register at least one week prior to the first day of class.
  3. All class fees are due at registration.
  4. Please plan on attending all classes as scheduled.  If you have or foresee a conflict, register for another class.  We cannot offer classes for one student particularly if the class requires other students ( and not manikins) to perform required skills.
  5. It is the responsibility of students enrolled in a review course to provide their own resuscitation masks.
  6. Textbooks may be actual books or digital copies available from www.redcross.org and downloaded onto laptops, tablets of phones and must be used by students during the class.
  7. Days, times, and fees are subject to change.
  8. Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient interest.

Please call us at 716-876-7424 with any additional questions you may have.

Pool & Classroom Party Packages

At this time, party rentals will not be offered due to Covid-19 circumstances.  We hope to offer in the near future. 

Outside Programs Found at the AFC
The Aquatic & Fitness Center also hosts outside organizations like the Aquettes Synchronized Swimming Team, the Titans Swim Club, and Dip 'N Dive scuba diving classes. Check out their websites for more information.

We also welcome other organizations for special programming needs.  Call us for more information!

Online Registration
In order to register online and to check the most current schedules, please go to online registration or click on the arrow at the top of the page. View the online registration instructions for a step by step guide to registering online.

 Please check our website and Facebook page for updates. You may also subcribe to our newsletter for the most current information and updates!