The Tonawanda Youth Bureau aims to recognize, empower and develop youth through programming, volunteerism, recognition and the opportunity to speak about the needs and desires of youth today.  Our board consists of local students from each of the high schools located in the Town of Tonawanda as well as adults from various schools, organizations and businesses. We meet monthly as well as participate in local events and host the Annual Youth Board Dinner to recognize outstanding youth and adults providing services to youth. 

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Current Board Vacancies:
Student Representative, Mount Saint Mary Academy
Student Representative, Charter School for Applied Technologies
Student Representative, Rivendell Study Center
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Tentative Meeting Dates 2021-22:
Meetings take place at 6:30pm at the Youth, Parks & Recreation office (299 Decatur Road), unless otherwise noted.
Thursday, October 21
Thursday, November 18
Thursday, January 20
Thursday, February 17
Thursday, March 17
Saturday, April 2 (tentative)
TBD - Youth Board Awards Dinner at the Town of Tonawanda Senior Center (by invitation only) 

Nicole Ruberto, Youth Bureau Director
831-1001 x2227
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Each year, the Town of Tonawanda Youth Board recognizes the great youth and adults who work with youth. 

Outstanding Youth of the Year Award
1. Nominee should be a high school junior, unless there is a more deserving younger underclass student, or a senior who would not otherwise be honored with a similar school award.
2. Must live in Town of Tonawanda or Village of Kenmore.
3. Community service involvement.
4. Participation in school activities.
5. Involvement in non-service activities outside of school.
6. Qualities of leadership and character.
7. Academic accomplishments (GPA may be considered but should not be a final determining factor in candidate selection).
8. The nominee from each area high school will be honored as an “Outstanding Youth.”

Additionally, the Youth Board will interview and evaluate the nominees and select one “Ken-Ton Outstanding Youth of the Year.”

Sumbit nomination - Only one nomination will be accepted from each school.

Brian Dugan Outstanding Teacher Award
This award is named in honor of Brian Dugan, a Kenmore West High School teacher.  Through his compassion and dedication, he was able to reach students of all academic abilities.  Brian’s perspective on life was positive, unique and refreshing.  He was a great role model for his students.

To honor his spirit and dedication, the Town of Tonawanda Youth Board has established the Brian Dugan Outstanding Teacher Award to be given annually to a teacher in our area who most closely embodies the values, skills and character of Brian Dugan.

The Town of Tonawanda Youth Board is asking each high school’s student government to nominate one teacher they feel fits the criteria. The submission must be in essay form.

The essay must address the following qualities for the teacher nominated, and specific examples for each point should be included whenever possible:
· Compassion for students
· Dedication
· A particular interest in helping students who are struggling, both personally and academically
· The ability to use one’s entire personality in teaching
· An interest in students finding success at all levels of achievement
· Lessons on content that connect to students’ lives
· Nomination must come from a student

Past Recipients:
2014 Caroline Polino
2015 James Roland
2016 Sadeq Elbaneh
2017 Darlene Evans
2018 Matthew Hellerer
2019 Peter Stuhlmiller

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Joseph Allen, Jr. Service to Youth Award
1. This Award is presented to an individual 21 years or over who receives monetary compensation for their work with youth.
2. He/She must have had some impact on the youth of the Village of Kenmore or the Town of Tonawanda.
3. He/She must have given over and above what is required through their normal job.
4. The recipient of the Joseph Allen Jr. Award must reside or work in the Town of Tonawanda/Village of Kenmore.

Current Youth Board Members are not eligible for this award.

Past Recipients:
1999 Rev Leon J Biernat
2000 Shawn O’Hargan
2001 Dennis McDonald
2002 Joseph T. DeMatteo & Robert T. Scott
2003 Marilyn Carmichael
2004 Andrea Cammarata
2005 Tim & Tricia Hirschbeck
2006 Barbara Field
2007 Ralph J. Critelli
2008 Lt. William Miller
2009 Dennis Albert
2010 William C. Conrad III
2011 Pastor David Rojas
2012 Sheila Csicseri
2013 Det. Robert Goetz
2014 Candice Cavanaugh
2015 Captain Robert Schifferli
2016 Karen Alvarez
2017 Diana Gruninger
2018 Christopher Panepinto
2019 Ken Voght

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Robert Swift Volunteer Service to Youth Award
1. This Award is presented to an individual 21 years or over who has given of themselves for the betterment of Youth in the Town of Tonawanda/Village of Kenmore.
2. The recipient must have been a non-paid volunteer.
3. He/She must have had an impact on the lives of youth in Town of Tonawanda/Village of Kenmore.

Current Youth Board Members are not eligible for this award.

Past Recipients:
1984 Ann Gugino                                          
1985 Marcia Roberts
1986 Joseph Pearson
1987 Fred Britton, Nan Carter & Dorothy Sowers
1988 Charles Wolff
1989 Barry Lillis  & Roger McGaffin
1990 Daniel Crangle & Albert Caruso
1991 Joseph Greco
1992 Laurie Dziomba 
1993 Richard Miles
1994 Donald Kunzelman
1995 John A. Johnson
1996 Trey Gardner
1997 Nancy Maressa & Carl Mule
1998 James Keleher
1999 Peter F. D’Orsaneo
2000 Pete Mirando
2001 Elizabeth McMahon
2002 Ruth A. Miller
2003 Rich DeGlopper
2004 Paul Catalano
2005 Mary Ann Fancher & Ray Smith Jr.
2006 James Grimes
2007 Raymond Eldridge
2008 Susan Busch
2009 Joseph Catalano
2010 Erwin F. Hetzelt
2011 Mrs. Jody McGee
2012 Gino Pinzone
2013 Dan Wiles
2014 Daniel Boeck
2015 Melissa Foster
2016 Gerald Ozimek
2017 Gennie Vitko
2018 Regina Fron
2019 Greg Wilcocks

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